​Searching your heart.

You as a Christian have signed a ticket to follow Jesus. You are born again and have accepted Jesus as your personal Savior. Ask yourself “Is your heart genuine?”

“The spirit is willing but the flesh is too weak”

James 4:8 

Many are born again Christians but their heart desires denies them the chance to come closer to God. They ask God for things with bad motives. The spirit of selfishness has filled every heart. Everyone only think of themselves forgetting about the love, care and sharing, the gospel that Jesus left for us to spread. That is why whenever we ask for anything from God; He refuses to answer us back. We are told to come closer to him so that he can see our humbleness right from inside our hearts and he will listen to us. Purify our hearts; remove every evil thought, worldly desire that brings fight and quarrels amongst us. Things like pride that make us consider ourselves to be better than others. Before you judge your brother on how alcoholic or how he has never stepped into a church or how he is a sinner than you are, consider yourself the most sinful person, repent and ask for forgiveness. Wash your hands you sinner; means let go of any sinful desire, your old ways and live a new life. You are lucky you are already chosen, ask God to guide you through this race so that you can be the light of the world, can help in saving more souls by being his disciple and you will see his goodness. He will lift you up. Matt 6:33 seek the kingdom of heaven first and he will provide the rest