God brought into this world and he has a purpose for you to fulfil in this world.I represent him who do you represent? He wants you to grow in character, knowledge and wisdom. 

2 Peter 3:18 

Continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 

Put your faith into action. 



The act of being a student, be able to be taught and learn then later share the message to those who don’t know it.
A student.
When Jesus began his work in Galilee, we see that he did not intend to do his work alone, Mathew 4:18-22 “…come with me and I will teach you to catch men…”here Jesus called four fishermen; Simon Peter and his brother Andrew and James and John the sons of Zebedee.These men were doing the work of nettingfish;Jesus thought it wise to rather transform them into netting men and bringing them to the kingdom of God. Mathew 9:9 Jesus called Mathew the tax collector to follow him. Mark 3:13 Jesus chose his 12 disciples and he assigned them to do his work. In this process of calling his apostles, Jesus kept on teaching. Before he called these disciples, each one of them had their own businesses, neither were they sitting idle nor were they evangelizing. Before they begunevangelizingJesus made sure he taught them the message. That is why it is important to learn and understand the gospel message before sharing it. It is written that it must never be altered, it must remain the way it is written in revelation 22:18.
After calling these disciples, Jesus went ahead and gave them authority to drive away evil spirits and heal every disease and sickness as well as spreading the message. Mathew 10:1…says that the harvest was too large but there were no harvesters. Even now the harvest is too large but there are few workers to gather in God’s harvest. This is where you as a Christian believer, you are required to chip in and fill this gap. Mathew 28:19 “go then to all peoples everywhere and make them my disciples: baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”
Even after Jesus’ death and resurrection, his disciples continued in fellowship and evangelism. Acts 2:44 “all the believers continued together in close fellowship and shared their belongings with one another” reading that verse going down, the apostles spread the good news not only spiritually but also physically through baptizing, sharing belongings and even healing the sick. The same kind of awe that people were filled with then, we should be filled with now. But this can’t easily happen since the devil is trying hard to widen the gap between God and His people. As a believer it is our duty to fill this gap and fulfill the mission of the gospel as intended.

Do You Love Gifts? 

Salvation can not be earned. 

Ephesians 2:8 For it is by God’s grace that you have been saved through faith. It is not the results of your own efforts,but God’s gift so that no one can boast about it.

It is only received by faith. A person can be generous, kind or have different kind of virtues,but what distinguish this person from others is the fact that he/she has chosen to be saved. There are people who do evil things yet help the poor and are generous. That doesn’t mean that they are close to God. It is not by your work that you get saved.  Receive God’s gift in Jesus name. Type amen if you received.


Luke 19:40 …if they keep quiet, the stones will cry. 

Agree with me that Jesus has fulfilled so many of his promises. Have you ever counted your blessings? How many miracles have you seen?  If you have at least five then start praising God. If you don’t, living things will. As for me and my house we will praise the Lord.

The large crowd of his disciples praised Jesus for the things they saw and the Glory of God. 


Luke 15:11-32

This verse in the Bible talks about a who asked his father for his share of property so he can do whatever he wants with it. His father was kind enough to give him. He later travelled to another country and squandered it all then started starving. When he thought of how his father treats his servants, he decided to go back. His father received him with love.

The first part of this story tells us how much God has given us. We have everything we need in our reach. We know that it’s God who provides. But we forget something. Literally speaking, when we have enough,we forget about God until it’s over.

Later when we loose everything we remember God. The way this son was forgiven is the same way God has already forgiven us. He is waiting for us to dress us with a ring that symbolises His covenant with us and sandles that means we will never lack while we stay by his side. He is ready to clothe us as His own.


When we return to God and show Him we want to be by his side, He receives us and make us part of his family. Thus heaven celebrates. Jesus wants you back. He says it is never the same without you. So pick up yourself  and come as you are, he is waiting for you. YOU WILL SEE HIS GOODNESS.  Amen.


The term Salvation inot English word means to save someone from threat, danger or wrath. In Christianity it is the way God saves His people from sin. One is saved from sin simply because they have gone against God. When we go against God we get exposed to danger. 

Romans 6:23 says 

Wages of sin is death

This is a spiritual death no a physical one. It makes us feel empty,confused and guilty.  The Bible saystudy that

All have sinned in Romans 3:23

so even if you feel that you are a good person, you still need salvation. You can say that you are not in this Jesus thing… but remember it’s an offer. You only need to receive it. Welcome if at all you feel you need Jesus. This is the right site for you.